Common mistakes of new motorcyclists

For many new riders in California, the thrill of owning a motorcycle can sometimes get in the way of common sense. As a result, beginners often make a number of mistakes that could be avoided by taking the proper precautions. Here at Callahan & Blaine, we’ve seen the tragedy that can happen when new riders fail to behave in a cautious manner. While some accidents simply can’t be prevented, the following tips will help reduce the risk of serious injury that can occur when new riders become over-confident. lists a few of the more common new rider slipups, including failure to perform a safety check before setting out. A comprehensive check will prevent breakdowns from occurring, while also ensuring that a bike is suitable for driving. After making sure that brake lights are working and that tires are properly inflated, be sure to assess the current fuel level and whether its sufficient for the distance being traveled.

New riders should also be wary of taking along passengers until their skill level increases. Riding with passengers can be exceedingly difficult, especially when they are not accustomed to traveling by motorcycle. Passengers can also cause distractions, and for many novice riders distractions can lead to a serious or even life-threatening injury.

Along with the costs of buying and maintaining a motorcycle, new riders must also be prepared to purchase the right type of gear to keep them safe. This includes a helmet that provides full coverage, the right type of footwear and a sturdy jacket. In the event you are in a crash, good gear will be the only thing protecting you from significant injury. If you’ve suffered from injuries resulting from a negligent driver, be sure to visit us online for more information or call our office to speak with a Santa Ana motorcycle accident attorney.