How can I navigate common road hazards on my motorcycle?

If you regularly ride a motorcycle in Orange County, you know how fun and thrilling an experience it can be. You also know that there are many dangers present on the road, some of which can lead to a serious accident. To this end, it’s important to be aware of common road hazards and know which methods work best for avoiding them.

The AARP provides a list of hazards encountered by motorcyclists, such as debris within the roadway. If something like a pothole or tree limb appears in your path suddenly, you should make every attempt to bypass the item without riding over it. If you have no other option but to ride over road debris, keeping a tight grip on your motorcycle and absorbing shock by lifting up on the foot pegs is crucial. This should be done while going over the debris in a straight line.

Wet roads are another common danger to motorcyclists. First and foremost, you should avoid making any sudden maneuvers and decelerate your motorcycle to a safer driving speed. Next, both front and rear brakes should be applied. Be sure to apply pressure to both brakes slowly, while avoiding any areas where moisture has accumulated (such as the center of the road).  

No matter the hazard in question, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe when on the road. Known as the SEE (search, evaluate, execute) method, these steps can help you identify any potential threats on the road and allow you to react in a quick and efficient manner. Keep an eye on all areas of the road while riding, identify any potential threats to your safety and utilize the proper maneuver for avoiding the threat.