Investigation into deadly motorcycle crash launched

As Irvine motorcycle accident attorneys, we know that traffic accidents can happen for a wide array of reasons. They can occur due to the condition of a driver, such as tiredness or driving under the influence of alcohol. They can also occur due to the time of day, when conditions are different from what a driver expects. This appears to be the case in a set of recent motorcycle accident tragedies, both in San Diego County, California.

The first accident happened when a motorcyclist, 60, was driving through unincorporated Rancho Santa Fe. At the time, he was on Del Dios Highway, and was just west of Date Lane. There, he crashed into a pedestrian, 31. The accident was fatal for both.

The California Highway Patrol said that the pedestrian had been walking with four friends. When interviewed, the friends said that they had all been on a nature walk together, exploring the Del Dios Highland Preserve. However, the pedestrian hit in the case was in the road around 7 p.m. and the motorcyclist, caught be surprise, couldn’t turn out of the way in time.

The other incident in the same area involved a different motorcyclist who collided with a van, and was knocked 100 yards away by the sheer force of the impact. A truck that tried to avoid the scene of that accident then crashed into a nearby tree. The motorcycle driver was killed, but the driver of the truck and the driver of the van are unhurt.

The accidents are currently under investigation. All of the surviving drivers will want to secure attorneys with experience in these kinds of cases right away. That way, they can be fully informed of their options and decide how to proceed.

Source: NBC San Diego, “2 Deadly Motorcycle Crashes Investigated” Christina London and Elena Gomez, Jan. 26, 2014