Motorcycle accident on I-80 results in fatality

California roads are some of the busiest in the country. Some have described the roads as a concrete jungle of overpasses and underpasses. With the sheer volume of traffic that is on them every day of the year, it is inevitable that some collisions occur. This can be particularly problematic if the respective weights of the vehicles colliding have a significant disparity, with one being much heavier and one being much lighter. This held true in the case of a recent motorcycle accident.

The accident occurred on I-80, on a heavy-traffic area of the interstate near Wells Avenue. The motorcyclist involved died after being critically injured in it. His death came at the tail end of a series of events.

That series began when a vehicle allegedly slowed down after traffic became congested. The driver of another vehicle, a Toyota Camry, swerved to avoid the slowed-down vehicle. The driver of the Toyota, 62, did not see a white PT Cruiser that was in the adjacent lane and slammed into it. The Cruiser then hit the motorcyclist. That man, 59, was thrown off and suffered critical injuries. He died while at the Renown Regional Medical Center Sunday night.

The accident caused the closure of three eastbound lanes of I-80 for approximately two hours. This was so that troopers could investigate the accident. Their investigation is ongoing, with anyone who has additional information being encouraged to contact the trooper in charge.

This motorcycle accident involved multiple vehicles and one fatality. Investigators will continue determine who is at fault. Anyone in California who is in a motorcycle accident will want to explore his or her legal options with the help of an experienced Irvine motorcycle accident attorney.

Source: KTVN, “Motorcycle Rider Dies of Injuries Suffered in I-80 Crash Near Wells Avenue” Kellene Stockwell, Aug. 04, 2014