The dangers of intersections for motorcyclists

Improving your awareness while riding a motorcycle can help prevent a devastating auto crash. One of the ways you as a bike rider can sharpen your perceptions of your surroundings is to know where a motorcycle may run into trouble on an Orange County road. According to Motorcyclist Online, a study that examined the data of motorcyclists found that intersections are one area of trouble for motorcycles. If bike riders are not careful, riding into an intersection can be bad news.

One reason that motorcycles get into accidents in intersections is simple driver carelessness. Some drivers stop at an intersection but then do not double check lanes before making a turn. As a result, a driver could cut right into the path of an approaching motorcycle. The cyclist may not possess enough time to put on the brakes before colliding with the other vehicle.

However, motorcycles are also not easy to see due to their small size, so it is very possible for another driver to misjudge how far away a motorcycle is. Motorcycle riders may also not be very conspicuous if they wear dull clothing that does not stand out. So there is the possibility that the other driver may turn into an intersection while believing that the motorcycle is farther away than it actually is.

Intersection problems are compounded by the fact that California drivers can turn right on a red light. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a motorist is permitted to make a right turn if no pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles or any other vehicle possesses the right of way. So while a motorcyclist may approach a green light, there is still the chance that a driver may turn into the intersection anyway under the mistaken belief that the motorcyclist is farther away.

To avoid a possible collision, a motorcyclist can slow down while approaching an intersection and pick a lane that affords the greatest visibility possible for the motorcyclist. However, anyone should keep in mind that another driver may make a wrong decision, so a bike rider should cover the bike’s brakes, ready to put them on if needed.