What kind of motorcycle gear will I need to ride?

As an Orange County motorcycle rider, you know that safety is a top priority whether you’ve been riding for years or just a few days. Along with obeying traffic laws and keeping your motorcycle well-maintained, you should also be concerned with finding the right gear to protect you on the road. This includes a multitude of items, from helmets to the proper footwear.

According to, many riders have questions about what type of gear they need when first starting out. Helmets are perhaps the most important, as research shows that approximately 45 percent of motorcycle impact injuries occur to the face. This underscores the importance of choosing a full-face helmet, as opposed to open helmets. Additionally, it’s a good idea to replace your helmet once every 5 years to ensure it will hold up under a crash.

Other types of gear are equally important. A jacket made from rugged material that was designed for motorcycle riding is imperative to keep your limbs protected in the event of a crash. Such jackets will also include safety-rated body armor intended to protect your most vulnerable areas. Boots should offer ample support and be sturdy enough to withstand the heft of a motorcycle.

To truly understand just how important having the right gear can be, consider the mechanics of a motorcycle crash. Hitting the ground at a speed of 50 mph or greater will easily lead to numerous injuries, from broken bones to contusions and lacerations. Abrasion is particularly dangerous, as hitting the pavement at speed can easily result in a loss of flesh down to the muscle. While the right gear can’t prevent accidents from occurring, it can greatly mitigate the effects if you are involved in a crash.

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