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Visibility tips for California motorcyclists

To better prevent personal injury accidents, motorcyclists should learn how to make themselves more visible to California motorists.

There is nothing quite like the sheer freedom of speeding along the roads of California on the back of your motorcycle. Unfortunately, every second you are on your bike, you have to consider the fact that a motorist may not see you and accidentally clip you or outright hit you. To lessen the chances of this happening, and to maximize your enjoyment on your bike, it is essential that you take steps to improve your visibility.

Ride like a motorist

A motorcycle can maneuver in ways a car cannot. That said, you have to ride your motorcycle like a motorist. That means using caution when changing lanes, merging with traffic and using your turn signal. Additionally, while you may have more space to zip through traffic, that is no excuse to tailgate.

Wear flashy safety gear

If you have to wear safety gear, it may as well be stylish. Your helmet and motorcycle jacket should be of bright colors, so drivers have no problem spotting you in their mirrors. While riding a brightly colored motorcycle is another great idea to increase visibility, wearing flashy safety gear is the less-expensive option if you currently have a dark-colored bike.

Make good use of your lights

Get to know the safety lights on your bike and how to use them. If your bike has high-beam lights, treat them like the daytime-running lights on a regular automobile. These lights are smaller than the headlights on a motor vehicle, which means there is less of a chance of you inadvertently blinding or annoying drivers. All that matters is that people know where you are.

Tap your brakes

High beams are great for cars in front of you, but do not forget about those behind you. Drivers are more distracted than ever, and they may not even see the biker right in front of them. When coming to a red light, tap your brakes to turn your brake lights into a signal to better ensure drivers behind you do not accidentally hit you.

Familiarize yourself with blind spots

If you ride a motorcycle more than you drive a car, you may not know where driver blind spots are. Ask friends and family who do drive cars where their blind spots are so you know which areas to stay out of while riding. Not all motorists thoroughly check their blind spots before changing lanes, which could spell disaster for you. Take steps to get out of known and potential blind spots as quickly as possible.

Despite taking all the above actions to boost your visibility, there is no guarantee you will never be involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle in California. If you ever find yourself an accident victim, consult with an attorney to know your legal rights to compensation.

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