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In recent years, a wave of wage and hour lawsuits has engulfed employers in California and throughout the country. For the employer (defendant) in a wage and hour class action lawsuit, the financial stakes can become very high indeed. An individual wage and hour lawsuit, if successful, can be quite costly to an employer in and of itself. When an individual plaintiff wins, however, that victory can often generate a class action lawsuit on behalf of scores, hundreds or even thousands of employees. It is essential to defend a wage and hour class action lawsuit aggressively and effectively. Contact us to speak with one of our defense of wage and hour lawyers in Orange County for a free consultation.

At Callahan & Blaine, we have extensive experience in class action lawsuits, employment litigation, and other types of business disputes. Our Orange County complex business litigation attorneys have won a nationwide reputation for their trial skills and an admirable record of success in complex litigation. Callahan & Blaine has the trial experience, investigative resources and advocacy skills needed to handle the most challenging wage and hour class action lawsuits.

Choose Experienced Defense of Wage and Hour Attorneys

The successful defense of a wage and hour class action lawsuit begins with careful analysis of the everyday tasks performed by the members of the class. Our firm conducts an active employment law practice, providing us with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the tasks and skills that comprise a typical workday for the class. We will then develop an appropriate defense strategy and vigorously defend your firm at all stages of the litigation process.

Callahan & Blaine can represent your company in all types of wage and hour claim matters, including class action lawsuits in Orange County alleging:

  • Failure to pay overtime pay or the minimum wage
  • Failure to provide meal or break time
  • Misclassification of employees as exempt
  • Misclassification of independent contractors
  • Other alleged violations of wage and hour laws

Why You Need A Defense of Wage and Hour Attorney

More and more wage and hour lawsuits are being filed in magnet jurisdictions such as California. If your company is under threat from a wage and hour class action lawsuit, the time to act is now. When representing your firm, our lawyers will aggressively seek to achieve a successful outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our defense of wage and hour lawyers in Orange County are equally at ease representing companies at the entrepreneurial stage as well as large, multinational corporations and those in between. Callahan & Blaine stands ready to aggressively represent your firm.

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