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  • Common Causes: Defective product claims often arise from design defects, manufacturing errors, and inadequate warnings, highlighting the need for thorough testing and quality control to ensure consumer safety.
  • Liability Scope: Liability in defective product claims can extend to manufacturers, designers, distributors, retailers, suppliers, and assemblers, emphasizing the importance of identifying all parties involved in the product’s chain of distribution.
  • Legal Support: Engaging with an experienced product liability law firm can significantly enhance the prospects of a favorable outcome for victims, ensuring a comprehensive approach to gathering evidence, establishing liability, and negotiating compensation.
  • Reputation: Callahan & Blaine is recognized for its focused knowledge in handling complex defective product cases, achieving significant outcomes like the largest verdict in Orange County history, demonstrating their capability to tackle even the most technically challenging cases.
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Defective product cases are notoriously complex because of the multiple negligent parties involved. To recover the compensation you need after a personal injury or wrongful death, you will need representation from a law firm with the experience and resources to investigate the accident, work with product engineers, and locate the responsible business entities. Callahan & Blaine has earned a reputation as a premier litigation law firm because of our success with these cases. The firm won the largest verdict in Orange County history, $934 million, in an extremely complex case focused on highly technical information.

The attorneys at Callahan & Blaine can take on any opponent, regardless of its size. With our lawyers’ help, you can fight back against negligent corporations that fail to protect consumers. 

Causes of Defective Products 

The following are the most common causes of defective products: 

  • Design Defects: This occurs when a product’s design is inherently unsafe, affecting an entire line or series of products. Design flaws can lead to accidents or injuries if the product is not adequately tested or researched during its development phase​​​​.
  • Manufacturing Defects: These are among the most frequent causes of product liability claims. Even if a product’s design is safe, errors during the manufacturing process can render it dangerous. This includes using substandard materials, inadequate quality control, or any deviation from the product’s intended design that compromises its safety​​.
  • Warning or Labeling Defects: This type of claim arises when a product lacks adequate instructions, warnings, or labels, leading to misuse or accidents. Manufacturers have a legal duty to warn of inherent dangers, but failure to do so can result in liability, especially with products that pose risks such as choking hazards, flammability, or adverse side effects from prescription medications​​​​.

The lawyers at Callahan & Blaine can determine the viability of a claim based on the product’s defect and the injury sustained. We will gather the necessary evidence to prove the defect and causation, which may include securing expert witness testimony to attest to the defective nature of the product and the manufacturer’s negligence​​.

Product liability claims can be complex, involving multiple parties and technical evidence. We will handle all aspects of your defective product claim, from filing the claim to representing the victim in court if necessary​​.

Who May Be Liable in a Defective Product Claim?

Determining who may be liable for damages stemming from a defective product is a multifaceted process Fault can extend across various parties within the product’s chain of distribution. Understanding these potential defendants is essential for victims seeking compensation for the injuries they suffered. 

The following are the most common parties who may be liable for defective products: 


The manufacturers of the defective product are often the primary defendants in a product liability claim. This group can include large companies that produce the product or components of it, as well as smaller businesses involved in the manufacturing process. Liability can extend to any part of the product that contributed to the defect, whether it is the final product as a whole or a specific component​​​​.


In cases where the defect originates from the design phase, the designers of the product may also be held liable. This is particularly relevant for design defect claims, where the flaw in the product’s design makes it inherently unsafe for use. Designers are responsible for making sure their designs are free from hazardous defects that could harm consumers​​.

Product Distributors and Retailers

Distributors and retailers may also be held liable in product liability claims, even if they had no role in manufacturing or designing the product. The law holds these entities responsible under the theory that every party in the distribution chain has a legal duty to make sure the products they sell are safe. This includes wholesalers, retailers, and any other intermediaries that facilitated the product reaching the consumer​​​​.

Suppliers and Assemblers

Suppliers of components and assemblers of the product might also face liability if their contributions to the final product are found to be defective. For instance, if a specific part supplied by a vendor fails and causes the product to be unsafe, that supplier could be liable for damages arising from the defect.

Other Potentially Liable Parties

In some cases, other parties involved in the product’s chain of distribution or its marketing might be held liable. This includes quality control consultants, third-party testers, and even marketing firms if their actions or omissions contributed to the product’s defect or failed to warn consumers about potential dangers​​.

Victims of defective products should consult with experienced product liability attorneys at Callahan & Blaine to identify all potentially liable parties and to ensure that their rights are fully protected, as insurance companies may attempt to diminish or devalue your claim. 

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