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  • Inspections: OSHA inspects construction sites for compliance with safety standards, focusing on hazard recognition, accident prevention, equipment safety, construction material awareness, and vehicle accident prevention to ensure worker safety and adherence to regulations.
  • Claims: Construction accident claims can be filed by non-employees and involve third-party liability. Understanding eligibility and pursuing claims requires navigating a complex legal landscape, emphasizing the need for professional legal guidance.
  • Legal Assistance: A construction accident lawyer aids by conducting thorough investigations, determining liability, negotiating with insurance companies, and pursuing legal action to secure fair compensation for victims.
  • Safety Culture: Emphasizing a culture of safety, construction companies must prioritize adherence to OSHA regulations, protecting workers, and ensuring project progress without compromising well-being.
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Construction sites, with their dynamic activity and heavy machinery, are inherently filled with risks. When accidents occur, whether injuring workers or bystanders, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Understanding your rights and options is crucial in seeking justice and fair compensation. 

Callahan & Blaine, with over 40 years of experience, stands ready to provide the support you need. Our team of trial lawyers, each with over eight years of experience, has a proven track record of securing multi-million dollar settlements and defending against major cases. We specialize in bet-the-company cases, achieving remarkable results, including the largest jury verdict in Orange County history. Trust our expertise to help you secure justice after a construction accident. Call Callahan & Blaine today for a consultation.

An Oviewer of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Construction sites, bustling with activity, are vital for progress but can pose serious risks to worker safety if not managed correctly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) serves as a guardian, inspecting work sites and implementing regulations to uphold the well-being of construction workers across California. 

What Does OSHA Look For?

During inspections, OSHA meticulously evaluates various aspects crucial to worker safety. From the scaffolding’s safety precautions to the guarding of machinery and electrical systems and the presence of essential signage, OSHA leaves no stone unturned. The agency also scrutinizes whether construction companies comply with a comprehensive set of regulations and guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines and local building codes can be indicative of negligence on the part of construction companies.

Key areas of focus:

  • Hazard Recognition: OSHA addresses falling, flying, and swinging/slipping objects, along with potential dangers on the ground.
  • Accident Prevention: Emphasizing the use of protective gear, proper storage of hazardous materials, and meticulous work zone safety precautions.
  • Equipment Safety Measures: OSHA ensures that tools and equipment are inspected and handled safely to prevent accidents.
  • Building Material Awareness: From avoiding falling debris to preventing elevator accidents and addressing faulty stairs, walls, or potential collapses, OSHA emphasizes construction material safety.
  • Construction Vehicle Accident Prevention: OSHA delves into hoisting and forklift incidents, vehicle inspections, proper vehicle movement, and the implementation of work zone signs.

Construction companies must prioritize adherence to OSHA regulations, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility to protect their workers and ensure the progress of projects without compromising their well-being.

Who Can File a Construction Accident Claim?

In a construction site, accidents can happen at any time, leaving individuals injured and uncertain about their rights to compensation. Understanding who can file a construction accident claim is crucial, as not everyone is eligible for workers’ compensation.

Compensation options outside of workers’ compensation:

  • Non-Employees: Day laborers, contractors, subcontractors, site visitors, passersby, vehicle operators, and even residents are considered non-employees and must file a personal injury claim to recover damages.
  • Third-Party Liability: In certain situations, a third party might be responsible for injuries. For instance, if a defective bolt in a crane causes a severe accident, holding the manufacturer accountable through a product liability lawsuit becomes a viable option. Accepting workers’ compensation does not bar individuals from pursuing action against third parties that may share liability for the injuries.

The legal landscape surrounding construction accident injuries is intricate, demanding the expertise of seasoned professionals. Seeking guidance from experienced LA construction injury lawyers like those at Callahan & Blaine is essential. 

How a Los Angeles Lawyer Can Help After a Construction Accident

Construction sites are dynamic environments, but accidents can disrupt the bustling activity, leaving workers and bystanders grappling with severe injuries. Navigating the aftermath of a construction accident is complex, and the support of a skilled Los Angeles construction accident lawyer is invaluable in ensuring justice and fair compensation. Here is how these legal professionals can make a difference:

Thorough Investigation

To build a robust case, LA construction accident lawyers initiate comprehensive investigations into the circumstances surrounding the construction accident. This includes obtaining incident reports, collecting witness statements, analyzing available video footage, and collaborating with experts to reconstruct the events leading to the accident. Thorough evidence gathering is essential to establish liability and support the victim’s claims.

Determining Liability

Identifying the parties responsible for the construction accident is a critical aspect of the legal process. A construction accident lawyer assesses the evidence to determine liability, whether it is the construction company, a third-party manufacturer, or another entity. Holding the negligent parties accountable is vital for securing compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be a complex and challenging task, with adjusters often seeking to minimize payouts. A Los Angeles construction accident lawyer acts as an advocate, negotiating with insurance companies to ensure fair and just compensation. This includes addressing medical bills, property damage, and any other losses incurred as a result of the accident.

Pursuing Legal Action

If negotiations with insurance companies do not yield a satisfactory outcome, a construction accident lawyer can initiate legal proceedings on behalf of the victim. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a strategic step to seek compensation through the legal system. An experienced attorney will navigate the litigation process, presenting a compelling case in court and representing the victim’s interests at every stage.

In the aftermath of a construction accident, having a knowledgeable and experienced construction accident lawyer in Los Angeles by your side can make a significant difference. 

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