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  • Disputes: Construction projects often face issues like contract disputes, delay claims, and payment disputes. Callahan & Blaine handles these with experienced legal representation, aiming to enforce and defend contract terms and manage financial disagreements efficiently.
  • Defects and Safety: Addressing construction defects and worksite accidents, the firm ensures compliance with safety standards and helps clients manage claims related to building flaws or onsite injuries, focusing on compensation and rectification.
  • Resolution Techniques: Callahan & Blaine utilizes negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation to resolve construction disputes, emphasizing the choice of method based on the situation to minimize costs, time, and impact on business relationships.
  • Legal Support: Offering comprehensive legal support in construction litigation, Callahan & Blaine protects clients’ interests through strategic counsel and representation in all phases of construction disputes, from contract negotiation to court proceedings.
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Construction projects, whether residential, commercial, or public infrastructure, are complex undertakings fraught with potential for disputes and legal challenges. The intricate nature of construction contracts, coupled with the high stakes involved in terms of time, money, and safety, makes this industry particularly susceptible to litigation. From disagreements over contract terms to delays, defects, and non-compliance with safety standards, working with an experienced Los Angeles construction litigation lawyer at Callahan & Blaine can help protect your legal rights and interests.

Whether it is enforcing contract terms, addressing claims of defects, or resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or court proceedings, our legal team will provide strategic counsel and strong representation needed to protect clients’ interests and ensure project success. 

Types of Construction Litigation Cases We Handle 

At Callahan & Blaine, we are equipped to handle a broad range of construction litigation cases. The following is an overview of the types of construction litigation cases we frequently represent:

Contract Disputes

One of the most common areas of construction litigation, contract disputes can arise from misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or disagreements over contract terms. These disputes often involve issues such as scope of work, quality of materials and workmanship, or compliance with contractual timelines. Our attorneys are skilled in contract analysis and can effectively represent parties in negotiations and disputes to enforce and defend contract terms.

Construction Defects

Construction defect cases involve claims that the constructed buildings or structures are not as per the agreed specifications or have inherent defects affecting their safety, value, or usability. We handle cases ranging from minor defects that require simple repairs to significant structural failures that can have severe financial and safety implications. Our team works to ensure our Los Angeles clients receive or provide appropriate compensation and rectification work as required by the law.

Delay Claims

Delays in construction can lead to significant financial loss and disputes. These cases often revolve around who is responsible for the delay and who should bear the associated costs. Our Los Angeles construction litigation lawyers have an in-depth understanding of how to document, prove, and negotiate delay claims, whether they stem from unforeseen site conditions, delays in supply chains, or other factors.

Payment Disputes

These disputes often involve non-payment, late payments, or underpayments to contractors, subcontractors, or suppliers. We handle mechanics’ liens, payment bond claims, and other enforcement actions to ensure that our clients are paid fully and promptly for their work.

Worksite Accidents

Worksites are inherently dangerous, and accidents can lead to litigation involving personal injury or wrongful death claims. Our firm represents parties in defending against or pursuing claims related to construction accidents, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and addressing liability and compensation issues.

Professional Negligence

In cases where construction professionals, such as architects, engineers, or contractors, fail to perform his or her duties to the expected standard of care, resulting in financial loss or physical damage, we provide aggressive representation of construction claims. Our attorneys navigate the legal process, ensuring all parties are held to their professional standards.

Insurance Claims and Disputes

Construction projects involve various types of insurance policies, and disputes can arise concerning coverage issues. We help clients in resolving these disputes, whether it involves advocating for rightful coverage under a policy or defending against unjust claims.

Our firm is prepared to offer comprehensive legal support to all parties involved in construction projects. Our aim is to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, minimizing impact on the project while protecting our clients’ rights and investments.

Whether you are a project owner, contractor, subcontractor, or professional service provider, our experienced attorneys have the in-depth knowledge to handle any construction-related legal challenge.

Dispute Resolution Techniques in Construction Litigation

Understanding the dispute resolution techniques available can help parties involved in a construction project choose the best method to address their specific issues without resorting to lengthy and costly litigation. 

The following are the primary dispute resolution methods used in construction litigation:


Negotiation is the simplest form of dispute resolution and involves direct discussions between parties to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. It is often the first step in resolving a dispute as it allows for flexibility and confidentiality, and it typically incurs lower costs than other methods. Effective negotiation can maintain business relationships and provide quick resolutions.


Mediation involves a third party who facilitates discussions between the disputing parties to come to a mutually agreeable solution. The mediator does not make any decisions but guides the conversation in a productive way. This method is less formal than arbitration or litigation and offers a confidential and controlled environment, which can preserve business relationships.


Generally, arbitration is more formal than mediation but less so than court litigation. It involves one or more arbitrators who hear the evidence and arguments from all parties and then make a decision that is usually binding. Arbitration is faster and more flexible than court proceedings, and the parties can choose arbitrators with specific knowledge of construction law, which can be a significant advantage.


When other forms of dispute resolution fail or are deemed inappropriate, litigation may be necessary. This involves taking the dispute to court, where a judge (and sometimes a jury) will make a decision based on the law and facts presented. Litigation is the most formal resolution method and can be public, potentially affecting a company’s reputation. It is usually the most time-consuming and costly option but is sometimes necessary to resolve deeply entrenched disputes.

Each of these dispute resolution techniques has its advantages and is suited to different types of situations. By understanding and choosing the appropriate method, parties can resolve disputes in a manner that minimizes costs, time delays, and impact on business operations and relationships. 

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If you are involved in a construction project and facing legal challenges or foresee potential disputes, it is essential to have an experienced construction litigation lawyer by your side. At Callahan & Blaine, we help you navigate complex construction law, offering strategic advice and strong representation tailored to your unique needs. Whether it is negotiating contract terms, resolving disputes through mediation, or representing you in court, we are dedicated to protecting your interests and legally supporting your project’s success. 

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