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  • Experience: Callahan & Blaine’s team brings over 700 years of collective experience in handling breach of contract claims, offering strategic counsel and trial advocacy to navigate the complexities of these disputes effectively.
  • Definition: A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to fulfill their agreed obligations, potentially leading to significant financial losses and damaging professional relationships. Based on the impact, breaches are categorized into material or minor breaches.
  • Proof: Establishing a breach requires demonstrating a valid contract, identifying the breach, confirming the claimant’s performance, notifying the breach, and evidencing damages, a process where meticulous legal representation is critical.
  • Resolution: Through skilled negotiation, mediation, or litigation, Callahan & Blaine aims to protect client interests, addressing both the tangible and reputational impacts of a breach to achieve a favorable resolution.
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Breach of contract cases revolves around allegations that one or more parties have failed to uphold their end of a deal, leading to financial losses and strained professional relationships. These disputes can emerge from various agreements across industries, carrying with them the potential for significant damages and reputational harm. The complexity of these cases lies not just in determining whether a breach has occurred but also in the nuances of the contract involved, the context of the breach, and the applicable legal principles. Such cases require a meticulous approach to dissect the agreement, identify the breach, and apply the relevant laws to attain a favorable resolution. 

The lawyers of Callahan & Blaine have 700+ years of combined experience handling breach of contract claims, which encompasses strategic legal counsel, negotiation, and, when necessary, trial advocacy. We guide clients through the best legal options, advising on the proper course of action, whether it is negotiation, mediation, or courtroom litigation. With potentially high stakes, our insight is invaluable in protecting your business interests.

What Is a Breach of Contract? 

When one or multiple parties do not fulfill obligations as outlined in a contract or binding document, you may have legal recourse for a breach of contract. This can involve either not performing a duty or not delivering goods as agreed upon. 

Breaches can be categorized mainly into two types: material and minor. In a material breach, the breach is so significant that it deviates substantially from what was contractually agreed upon, effectively nullifying the contract and absolving the non-breaching party from their payment obligations due to not receiving what was promised.

On the other hand, a minor breach involves a failure to meet some aspects of the contract, yet the main goods or services are still delivered. An example of this could be a delay in delivery that does not prevent the other party from receiving the product or service they were promised. Despite the breach, the party that received their goods or services is still required to make payment since the core deliverables of the contract were fulfilled.

Regardless of the breach’s classification, the impact on the plaintiff is a crucial consideration. Courts will assess the damages incurred by the plaintiff due to the breach. For instance, if the plaintiff can demonstrate that a delay (even if considered a minor breach) led to a significant financial loss, the defendant may be required to compensate for these damages. This ensures that any harm caused by the breach, whether material or minor, is adequately addressed and compensated.

How to Prove a Breach of Contract Occurred

Proving a breach of contract occurred is a critical step for any party seeking to enforce a contract or claim damages for its breach. To establish that a breach has occurred, the claiming party must typically demonstrate the following key elements:

  • Proof of a Valid Contract: The first step is to establish the existence of a contract that is recognized by law. This requires proving that all parties agreed to the contract terms, which can be shown through written contracts, emails, messages, or even oral agreements in some cases.
  • Proof of the Breach: The claimant must then demonstrate that a breach of the contract terms has occurred. This involves showing that one party failed to fulfill their obligations under the contract, such as not delivering goods or services as promised, not paying for goods or services, or providing goods or services that were substandard.
  • Performance by the Claimant: It must be shown that the party making the claim has fulfilled their obligations under the contract or that they were prepared to do so before the breach occurred. This is important because a party cannot claim a breach if they have also failed to meet their own contractual obligations.
  • Notification of the Breach: Typically, the party claiming a breach must show that they notified the other party of the breach in a manner prescribed by the contract or by law. This notice can be a formal requirement to afford the breaching party an opportunity to remedy the breach within a given timeframe.
  • Evidence of Damages: Finally, the claiming party must often prove that the breach caused them damages. This involves detailing the financial or other losses that directly resulted from the breach. Documentation such as invoices, receipts, correspondence, and expert testimony can be used to substantiate these damages.

The San Diego lawyers of Callahan & Blaine have focused knowledge of contract law and can provide highly qualified legal counsel as well as gather and present evidence, meet legal standards, and ultimately secure a favorable outcome.

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