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  • California Pedestrian Laws: Understanding California’s pedestrian laws is crucial, including right of way, jaywalking regulations, and bike lane usage, as these laws influence the outcome of pedestrian accident claims and the determination of fault.
  • Proving Liability: Pedestrian laws and evidence, such as medical records and witness testimony, can be used to demonstrate liability in pedestrian accident claims.
  • Compensation: Victims of pedestrian accidents may be eligible for various damages, including medical expenses and pain and suffering, depending on their injuries and specific circumstances.
  • Why Callahan & Blaine: Our seasoned team of 29 lawyers has extensive insurance knowledge, a track record of stunning verdicts, and advanced litigation skills to make a major difference in your San Diego pedestrian accident claim.
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Walking can be a great way to get around and explore San Diego. However, as a pedestrian, you are vulnerable to accidents and injuries. Therefore, it is crucial to follow traffic laws and signals and remain cautious to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, others may neglect their responsibility to act safely and cause serious harm to pedestrians. If this is the case for you, you have the right to file a claim and pursue compensation for your losses. Our seasoned San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers at Callahan & Blaine are here to help with this process so you can focus on recovery. 

In our 40 years as a firm, we have proudly provided unmatched legal services to San Diego pedestrian accident victims. Our 29-lawyer team, each with at least eight years of experience, has secured record-breaking verdicts, including the largest personal injury settlement in U.S. history worth $50 million. With this track record of success and our commitment to excellence, you can rest assured your pedestrian accident claim is in the right hands. Our San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers can help you understand your rights and take the complicated legal process off your shoulders.

Understanding California’s Pedestrian Laws

As a pedestrian, you have rights while walking on San Diego streets. California laws outline these rights, establishing a duty of care for drivers and pedestrians. Some important laws that may play a role in your claim include the following:

Right of Way

While you may assume pedestrians always have the right of way, this is not always true. Pedestrians have the right of way in designated crosswalks or intersections when a traffic signal indicates they can cross. Drivers have the right of way when pedestrians fail to cross the street safely and follow crosswalk rules.


In California, jaywalking is not always illegal. Pedestrians can cross the street outside a crosswalk if there are no approaching cars nearby and the area is clear. However, this does not give pedestrians the right to run into the street suddenly or cross a street unsafely.

Bike Lanes

Pedestrians must stay out of designated bike lanes if there is a walking path, like a sidewalk, nearby for them to use. Doing this could lead to dangerous collisions and injuries for all parties involved.

When thoroughly investigating your claim, our San Diego pedestrian accident attorneys consider these pedestrian laws and gather evidence, such as medical records, police reports, video footage, and witness testimony, to prove the liable party neglected their duty of care and directly caused the accident and your injuries.

Can You Recover Damages After a San Diego Pedestrian Accident?

If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can seek financial compensation for the damages you suffered. Depending on the severity of your injuries and specific details of your claim, you may recover the following costs:

  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Prescribed medications
  • Ambulance ride
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Reduced quality of life

Even if you were partially responsible for your pedestrian accident, you may still recover damages due to California’s pure comparative negligence system. Each party involved receives a percentage of fault for the accident, which gets deducted from their respective damages. For example, if you are 20% at fault, your compensation is reduced by 20%. Our skilled San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers negotiate with insurance adjusters to ensure you receive a fair percentage and the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Callahan & Blaine to Help With Your San Diego Pedestrian Accident Claim

After suffering injuries in a pedestrian accident, you deserve high-quality legal representation you can trust to negotiate on your behalf while you focus on recovery. At Callahan & Blaine, we have the knowledge, skills, and resources to take on your claim and fiercely advocate for your rights every step of the way. Our dedicated team stands out and can help benefit your claim in the following ways:

  • Insurance Expertise: Edward Susolik, our managing partner, is one of the nation’s leading insurance experts, giving us extensive insurance knowledge to create effective and informed strategies.
  • Trial Lawyers: While many pedestrian accident claims are settled out of court, our seasoned trial lawyers are fully prepared to present your case to a judge and jury if necessary.
  • Unprecedented Results: Our San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers have achieved record-breaking results with our exceptional legal services, including the largest jury verdict in Orange County history worth $934 million. Therefore, we have the ability to take on your claim, no matter how complex.

We understand the difficulties you are facing after your pedestrian accident. Please do not hesitate to contact our passionate San Diego pedestrian accident attorneys today to learn more about your rights and what you need to do to secure a fair settlement. 

Seek Guidance From the Talented San Diego Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at Callahan & Blaine

Dealing with the insurance companies and your injuries after a pedestrian accident is not easy, but with the help of our experienced San Diego pedestrian accident lawyers at Callahan & Blaine, you do not have to handle it alone. We understand how to negotiate with adjusters and build a strong claim to give you the best chance of securing maximum compensation. 

Our San Diego pedestrian accident attorneys take a personalized approach, looking closely at the details of your accident and understanding your unique needs to develop a plan tailored to your circumstances. To learn more about your claim, fill out our contact form or call (714) 241-4444.