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  • Insurance Bad Faith: Understanding insurance bad faith is vital. It involves practices such as unjust claim denial or inadequate investigation, often driven by an insurer’s profit motives. Recognizing these practices is essential in personal injury cases.
  • Claim Types: Distinguishing between first-party and third-party claims is important. In first-party claims, insurers might show bad faith by delaying, underpaying, or denying valid claims. In third-party claims, insurers may fail to defend or cover legal costs.
  • Recovery of Damages: Victims of insurance bad faith can seek recovery for damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Experienced attorneys can assist in obtaining fair compensation and navigating legal complexities.
  • Law Firm Expertise: Callahan & Blaine, a San Diego-based personal injury law firm, specializes in handling insurance bad faith claims. Led by Edward Susolik, we offer extensive experience in securing justice and compensation for clients.
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After you are involved in an accident, one of the most important steps you will take in the aftermath of the incident is to file a personal injury claim. When filing a personal injury claim, you would hope that the involved insurance companies, that of the negligent party and your own provider, would follow through with their contractual duties and provide the benefits you are owed. However, that is not always the case. Unfortunately, insurance companies may not always follow through with the duty they owe you and, as a result, you may suffer financially due to not being fairly compensated for your losses and injuries. If you believe an insurance provider has acted in bad faith in relation to your personal injury lawyer, one of our San Diego insurance bad faith lawyers can help.

Callahan & Blaine is a personal injury law firm with 29 skilled lawyers with extensive experience handling insurance bad faith claims and other personal injury cases. We provide trusted representation to clients who have been the victims of bad faith insurance in San Diego. Our trusted San Diego insurance bad faith lawyers are each equipped with more than eight years of experience. Our firm is proudly led by our managing partner, Edward Susolik. San Diego insurance bad faith attorney Susolik is one of the leading insurance experts in the United States and has handled over 1500 mediations in the last 33 years. To ensure your case is handled with the knowledge and experience that will lead you to success, contact one of our insurance bad faith lawyers today.

How to Know if Your Insurance Provider Is Acting in Bad Faith

Understanding that insurance companies are driven by profit is key when it comes to a case where you suspect insurance bad faith may be present. It is not rare for these companies to reject valid personal injury claims to save themselves money. If you find your claim unjustly denied after an accident or injury, or if the insurance company does not uphold the defense and protection they are bound to provide as per your policy’s terms, this might constitute bad faith on their part.

The term, bad faith, is often used to describe an insurer’s failure to meet its obligations in personal injury claims. This concept covers a range of actions, varying with the type of insurance claim. Navigating these situations can be complex, which is why it is essential to retain the help of our experienced San Diego insurance bad faith attorneys who will help you fully comprehend your rights and the insurer’s duties under your policy. Recognizing bad faith insurance practices is crucial in various scenarios, including the following:

First-Party Claims

An insurance company may respond to your claims for property, health, and other personal insurance coverage in an unjust way after you are injured in a personal injury accident. Some examples of this bad faith practice include the following:

  • Failing to properly investigate a claim
  • Offering an unusually low settlement amount
  • Paying only partial benefits
  • Undue delay in processing a claim
  • Unreasonable denial of a valid claim

One of our trusted San Diego insurance bad faith lawyers can help you identify these potential bad faith practices in your case and ensure you are able to pursue justice.

Third-Party Claims

Your insurance provider has an obligation to protect you against third-party claims. Some examples of their failure to fulfill this obligation include the following:

  • Failing to defend you against a third-party claim
  • Non-payment of legal defense costs

One of our insurance bad faith lawyers in San Diego can help you understand whether you have grounds to build a case. We will launch a full investigation into your case to understand what bad faith practices were carried out by your provider and will ensure they are held accountable for their actions.

Can You Recover Damages After Insurance Bad Faith?

With the help of one of our insurance bad faith lawyers, we can guide you through the process of negotiating for fair compensation after the provider has breached their duty to either provide damages or protect you in the event of a personal injury case. This may include the recovery of the benefits you are entitled to under the insurance policy. These benefits are as follows:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering

You may also be eligible to claim for bad faith damages. One of our trusted lawyers will be instrumental in navigating these complexities and ensuring that you receive the full compensation and justice you are owed.

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Being injured in an accident can be traumatizing, especially when their insurance providers act in bad faith and fail to provide them with the policy benefits that are meant to protect them. To get help building your bad faith insurance claim, retain the help of one of our San Diego lawyers today.

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