What should I do if involved in a hit and run?

Hit and run accidents can have devastating consequences for all involved. Even if loss of life is not a factor, you might still be faced with exorbitant repair costs and medical expenses, which you could end up paying for out of pocket. That’s why it’s imperative that Orange County motorists involved in hit and runs know exactly what to do in the aftermath.

State Farm offers some common-sense tips on how to handle a hit and run when you are the victim. For example, it’s never recommended that you go in pursuit of the driver who fled. No matter who you are, leaving the scene of an accident is considered a crime. As a result, you could imperil your claim if police dispute who exactly was at fault.

Additionally, leaving the scene will deprive you of the chance to speak with any witnesses. Eye witness testimony can be crucial in this case, as it will provide an unbiased version of events. You might want to preserve the scene via photo as a means of visual evidence showing what exactly transpired. You can also take pictures of your damaged vehicle, which is useful for determining how the impact occurred and who was at fault.

Filing reports with all necessary parties should take place immediately after your accident occurs. Even if you lack important details like the other driver’s license plate number, providing information on the make, model or color of the vehicle will be extremely helpful to law enforcement. The direction in which the vehicle fled can also be helpful if you were able to glean that information.