Strategic Approaches To Intellectual Property Litigation

Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property Litigation

Callahan & Blaine provides comprehensive intellectual property litigation services of all kinds in Orange County and Southern California. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small businesses, established companies and Fortune 500 corporations in litigation concerning copyrights, trademarks, patents, licenses, trade secrets, advertising practices and proprietary processes. In recent years, our law firm has also handled extensive numbers of intellectual property disputes involving websites, digital and electronic information, the Internet and many other cutting-edge legal and technological IP issues.

Resourceful Advocacy in Copyright and Trademark Disputes

Our lawyers not only develop and execute effective litigation strategies in IP litigation, but we also help clients get access to the insurance coverage necessary to support a defense or meet your right to damages. Callahan & Blaine also enjoys a nationwide reputation for success with the integration of insurance coverage issues into complex civil litigation strategies. This core strength of our practice can be just as valuable in intellectual property litigation as it has proved to be across the range of our business litigation practice.

We are equally adept in prosecuting infringement claims and defending clients against intellectual property claims. Callahan & Blaine has successfully represented many corporate defendants in high-stakes intellectual property litigation over the last 25 years.

Smart Litigation Strategies on Copyright, Trademark and Licensing Issues

IP issues can sometimes emerge as important features of larger transactions or lawsuits, or can stand alone as substantial problems with long-range consequences for your company's stability and profits. Either way, the attorneys of Callahan & Blaine advise companies of all sizes and stages of development about such matters as:

  • Copyright, trademark and URL protection
  • Advertising practices
  • Licensing agreements
  • Trade secrets, confidentiality and nondisclosure issues
  • Disputes over fair use, image or royalties issues
  • Intellectual property aspects of e-commerce and Internet marketing
  • Intellectual property issues in business purchases or sales
  • IP considerations in employment agreements or severance negotiations

Our experience as trial lawyers helps our clients understand the risks of unanticipated contingencies or undocumented understandings in intellectual property transactions of all kinds. At the same time, our experience as business counselors helps IP litigants find resourceful and creative avenues toward the settlement of disputes concerning the ownership or use of IP assets.

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